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"Queen Kwong's new album is an act of defiance...Stunning, uncomfortable and deeply moving, 'Couples Only' is a record that will have you spiraling - and definitely leave its mark." - Clash Magazine

"A wonderfully caustic experience that pulls no punches..." - BandCamp Features

"The indie dream-pop songstress is delivering her third LP, Couples Only...Her most visceral work yet." - AV CLUB

"Listen to 'Couples Only' and you'll find a record that showcases a musician who absolutely refuses to be confined to one set genre." - Guitar Magazine

"A study in dualities, at once confrontational and vulnerable, tender and brutal, with gossamer-fine melodies set against grinding synths and scarring punk guitars. It’s an immersive, eclectic, largely improvised set that repays repeated listening." - Kerrang

"Squalling, distorted guitars, snatches of muttered conversation in the background, sheer screams, ghostly chimes, menacing drum beats… but it’s much more refined. There’s an explicit message in each song...It’s just as brave and bold a statement." - The Independent 

"In one breath, Callaway hits the experimental rock vibe of Nine Inch Nails and Swans; in the next, she channels her inner Lana Del Rey with delicate, evocative jams that show the true ability of her voice. There’s an industrial style feedback buzz throughout the album, all underpinned with subtle bluesy guitars." - Punktastic

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