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However weirdly I came to hear of Queen Kwong is overshadowed by the fact that she’s managed to hold my attention for so long. Queen Kwong is the brainchild of LA based musician Carré Callaway.  Her rawness and charisma remind me of a young Iggy Pop or Patti Smith at the peak of their careers. Queen Kwong’s volatile stage persona, no doubt sits in the lineage of such primal and visceral acts as The Stooges, Nirvana, Swans, even Queens of the Stone Age. 


Her songs and stage show are a blatant protest at the “sanitization” of Rock in recent years. Queen Kwong’s work stands out from the sea of rubbish I keep hearing on the radio. Carre embodies the true and uncompromising spirit of Rock.  This LA based musician’s unwillingness to play it safe is rare and admirable. Someone very wise once taught me the importance of metaphorically, “passing on the torch”.  I say with utmost sincerity that Queen Kwong deserves that torch more than any performer I’ve come across in the last decade. 


     - Roger O'Donnell (The Cure)





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