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Team Rock, Get A Witness - Video placement 20.08.15



Soundboard, 10 new acts to see at Reading / Leeds, 24.08.15



Primal Magazine, Reading / Leeds Preview 28.08.15



Demotix, Leeds Fest photos 01.09.15



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Team Rock, Bands you can't miss at Reading & Leeds, 27.08.15



Kerrang, UK tour announcement 04.09.15 



Team rock, UK tour announcement 04.09.15



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Stereoboard, UK tour announcement, 01.09.15



Team Rock, Get A Witness - Video placement 20.08.15



Soundboard, 10 new acts to see at Reading / Leeds, 24.08.15



Primal Magazine, Reading / Leeds Preview 28.08.15



Demotix, Leeds Fest photos 01.09.15



Ticketmaster, Reading Fest photos 30.08.15



Punktastic, Interview 26.08.15



Louder Than War, Interview 04.08.15


Team Rock, Bands you can't miss at Reading & Leeds 27.08.15



Kerrang, UK tour announcement 04.09.15



Team rock, UK tour announcement 04.09.15



Gigslutz, UK tour announcement 03.09.15



Stereoboard, UK tour announcement 01.09.15






Even The Stars, live review:"One of the last gigs of the year happened to also be the most singularly raw chaotic off the edge one that we've witnessed all year."




Louder Than War, live review in Manchester: "As far as concerts go, Queen Kwong certainly delivered one of the most raw and volatile performances I have ever seen from a band."




Kerrang's Top 50 Records of 2015

Kerrang's Deputy Editor's Top 10 Songs of 2015

















Side Stage Magazine, live review Queen Kwong in Detroit: "Queen Kwong blew me away.  Carré Callaway’s vocals were incredible.  Callaway, a Trent Reznor Protégé, was full of charisma, a solid soothingly strong voice, and lyrics that kicked ass.  Wes Borland (from Limp Bizkit) shredded his guitar like a wild man.  Borland is an amazing guitarist – one of the most talented I have ever seen live. Fred Sablan (ex- Marilyn Manson) killed it on bass, and Hayden Scott (AWOL Nation) smashed his drums relentlessly through each song.  The active crowd sang along with every single song in the energetic ten song set list.  Queen Kwong flew around the stage all night – none of the members stood in one spot for very long! The show was electrifying and I left the venue in awe of what I had just witnessed."




Kerrang, Cold Daggers track premiere: "Following their four free London shows earlier in the year, the Cali indie rockers – featuring multi-instrumentalist Carré Callaway, and Limp Bizkit legend Wes Borland on guitar – are now premiering their new single, taken from the group’s eagerly-awaited new debut album." 01.05.15



Gigslutz, Ones to watch feature: "LA-based Queen Kwong, aka Carré Callaway, are blowing minds – and perhaps bursting eardrums – with a superbly menacing, no holds barred, punk rock." 04.05.15



Antiquiet, New music feature: "They’re one of my favorite live acts at the moment, but even just the band lineup written on a sheet of paper should be enough to get your attention: Feline front-animal Carré Calloway is backed by Wes Borland, Awolnation drummer Hayden Scott, and bassist Fred Sablan (Marilyn Manson, Goon Moon, 8mm)." 1.05.15



Glasswerk, Introducing piece: "With a sold out 4 show residency in London earlier this year showcasing the quartet’s visceral sound that is fast becoming their trademark, we were suitably impressed with the raw and raunchy swagger of new single 'Cold Daggers'". 08.05.15



Classic Rock, Tracks of the Week - Cold Daggers: "She's clearly on the path to great things, including appearances at this year's Leeds and Reading festivals." 08.05.15



The Girls Are, Cold Daggers feature: "Cold Daggers’ is the first single to be released from the hotly anticipated debut. According to their label it “embodies Queen Kwong’s sleaze, swagger and heart wrenching beauty”. 08.05.15



Primal Magazine, Top 10 Female Lead bands: "The eerie-ness of the band is hard to shake, Callaway's vocals gentily lend themselves to that feeling too. With an album due out in the summer and a Reading and Leeds debut too, you can fully expect bigger and better things from this band in the not so distant future." 11.05.15



Punktastic,Cold Daggers video feature: "LA’s Queen Kwong turned some heads when she (Carré Callaway) took on a four night residency in London earlier this year. Having built a reputation for a raucous live show, new single ‘Cold Daggers’ showcases the intensity in the music – combining ominous rhythms with gritty punk." 19.05.15



Stereoboard, Cold Daggers video announcement 15.05.15



Team Rock, The Garage - Live review: "During their set, there’s never a dull moment; to her left, Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland wrestles feedback and ominous sounds from his guitar, with a look of fun rather than fancy-dressed obligation. The highlight of their 40-minute set is new single Cold Daggers; Fred Sablan’s urgent bass gives the song – part-Birthday Party, part-PJ Harvey – a sense of menace and could easily soundtrack a Tarantino film about a frenzied bar stabbing in the American Old West. He's probably written it already, to be fair." 19.05.15



Soundsphere Magazine, Interview feature: "We chat to Carré Callaway of US alt-indie rockers, Queen Kwong about music, art and inspirations." 28.05.15



Team Rock, Get A Witness PREMIERE 08.07.15



The 1st Five, Get A Witness news piece 09.07.15



Upset Magazine, Get A Witness news piece 10.07.15



Kerrang, Get A Witness news piece 09.07.15



London Music Hall, Get A Witness news piece 09.07.15



Stereoboard, Get A Witness news piece 08.07.15



Get Your Rock Out, Get A Witness news piece 14.07.15



MTV Iggy, Hamtramck live review: "There is no elaborate stage production, no gimmicks and no pretentiousness; it’s nothing but a really good rock show from a really good rock band at one of the Motor City’s top rock venues." 17.07.15



No Country for New Nashville, Nashville live review: "Live, Queen Kwong are eerie, unbearably and awesomely loud, and just damn wild. During “Cold Daggers,” frontwoman Carré Callaway half-sprinted, half-convulsed across the stage, flinging her arms while she whispered some lines and shrieked others. She is easily the nucleus of the band, and her charisma was contagious." 21.07.15



M Live, Wes & Carré move to Detroit,   30.07.15



Detroit Curbed, Wes & Carré move to Detroit 31.07.15


Static Magazine, Texas Live review: "Carré jumped down from stage and met with her people. Engaging them personally to enrich their experience and on stage Borland began to disassemble Hayden Scott’s drum kid piece by piece. Leaving Fred Sablan and his bass echoing into the night as their beautiful and raw set came to an end. I walked towards the bar to grab another beer with that look on my face. The look that is easily recognizable as one becoming a new fan of the band they just watched." 28.07.15


NYS Music, New York live review: "The mix of raw talent and musical passion created an energy on stage that transformed right into the crowd. Skeptical at first about what they were going to see and hear, fans quickly seemed to get into the groove." 19.07.15



Bloody Disgusting, Video of the week - Cold Daggers, 07.08.15



Clash Magazine, Get A Witness - Video Premiere, 17.08.15



Stereoboard, Get A Witness - video placement 17.08.15



Louder Than War, New Artist of the Day interview 04.08.15



Team Rock / Metal Hammer, Hot New Band feature 18.08.15




Kerrang! Album Review:


























Bust Magazine, Album Review:




















The 1st Five, Album Review: This album is harsh, confrontational, noisy, dreamy, calming and jarring. It’s doing exactly what great music should do: stir you down to the core and depths of your heart and leave you a shallow husk of mixed emotions begging for more. 27.08.15





Daily Rock, Album Review, 10.08.15





Soundsphere Magazine, Album Review, 10.08.15




Stereoboard, Album Review, h

ttp://  23.08.15





One Metal, Album Review, 20.08.15





Already Heard, Album review 4/5 - it’s an album that continually reveals new surprises with each listen, and without a doubt earmarks Queen Kwong as one of the most interesting new bands around. 24.08.15





North West Herald, Album Review, 19.08.15





Gigslutz, Album Review: With the combined talent, charisma and commitment of a fantastic band and front-woman, punk is not dead. And nor should it be if albums like this are still being made. 28.08.15





Hit The Floor, Album Review 7/10: In a world where so much music is synthesised, auto-tuned and manufactured, it’s refreshing to hear a band as raw and authentic as Queen Kwong. The improvised nature of this album encapsulates Carré’s spontaneity and true artistry perfectly, resulting in a creative product of total expression and complete musical freedom. 28.08.15





The Icarus Line, Album piece, 30.08.15





Even The Stars, Album review, It's not the easiest record to listen to, but it's one that's remained true to its creator's spirit and soul and one that will reveal more each time you hear it. 30.08.15





Music Musings & Such, Album review 9.3/10, 02.09.15



Queen Kwong have come to give rock a shot in the arm. If you thought music had become a bit safe and predictable, this is the band for you. They mainline all the greats. Take the whiplash fury of The Stooges, the slow grind of Swans, the narcotic allure of Spiritualized and the poetic vigor of Patti Smith, and you’ve got Queen Kwong. 


Frontwoman Carré Callaway - who effectively is Queen Kwong, with fellow multi-instrumentalist and producer Joe Cardamone of hardcore band The Icarus Line - channels all the people who made you fall in love with rock’n’roll in the first place. She is the conduit for their words and music, as though she’s absorbed 50 years of noise and is now ready to spew it out. 


That’s what ‘Get A Witness’ Is: a summation of rock’n’roll past, and a signpost for the future. Her true debut LP, following a series of false-starts and unrepresentative recordings, ‘Get A Witness’ is half an hour of unadulterated energy and raw emotion. It’s not for the faint of heart. She packs a lot into every performance: both the studio and stage variety. Audience members have been known to recoil, either in shock or awe, at her onstage antics and intensity - just as she has packed a lot into her young life.


She was discovered by Trent Reznor aged 17 in New Orleans and proceeded to support Nine Inch Nails live, she was briefly managed by Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, and she has accrued for her none-more-fierce concerts a band comprising of guitarist Wes Borland, bassist Fred Sablan and drummer Hayden Scott. No wonder one magazine was moved to proclaim: "Queen Kwong may well be the saviour of rock’n’roll”.


Music was always going to be the focus of her life.  “I played shows throughout my teen years,” she recalls. “In high school I was in punk bands and I did singer-songwriter stuff. I knew since I was a kid that that was the one thing I wanted to do.” She once described herself as “an angry, angry child” who was “out of control from a really young age”.  “But there was also that part of me that was the shy, quiet kid who did well at school,” she added. “Music was a way for both of those aspects of my personality to be reconciled.”


Her first release and first taste of International touring came around 2010’s ‘Love Is A Bruise’ EP and 2011’s ‘Bitter Lips’ single – both of which garnering superb reactions along with praise for her incredibly fierce live performances. Yet, she sees her first opportunity to assume singular creative control as coming in 2013 when she recorded the ‘Bad Lieutenant’ EP in a tiny bathroom in New York City belonging to her cousin, “With my guitars and my laptop. It was the perfect example of DIY”.  And now, capitalizing on that EP is ‘Get A Witness’, the collaboration with Joe Cardamone. It is, she declares proudly, the album she always wanted to make.


“It’s 100 percent me being true to myself,” she proclaims. Joe said, ‘Why don’t we just make a record that we like?’ Each of the eight tracks on the album took a day to record and were the result of improvisation. Every attempt was made to capture the rawness and spontaneity of the performances. The album kicks off in no uncertain terms with ‘Cold Daggers’, which “sets the fearless, balls-to-the-wall tone” for the record.


“It was about committing to that sound - that loud, frantic, grating, high-energy sound - and not worrying about pleasing other people,” Carré decides. “It’s a really polarizing record and that song set the tone for it.” “This is the first batch of recordings to represent my live show and how I perform. It has that same energy throughout.”


‘Get A Witness’ ranges from the spectral shimmery drone of ‘Purrfiction’, with its echoes of Spiritualized (Jason Pierce is her “forever crush”), to the cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Me’ that brings to mind The Shangri-La’s on a date with Suicide. “It’s an album of extremes” she says, “and I'm totally, 100 percent okay with that. I actually prefer it that way. It’s certainly not middle-of-the-road. After the Nine Inch Nails shows people tried to give me an identity and make me compromise my vision, but this record full-on defines who I am. Indie rock is safe and boring; my music is not.”


When asked what has been the best response so far to ‘Get A Witness’, she thinks of a Tweet that someone sent her.

“They said listening to my music and watching my music videos really disturbed them- and at the same time they loved it!” she laughs. “It’s got that whole ‘what-the-fuck?’ thing. It can be uncomfortable and traumatic, but it elicits strong emotions, and I like that.”

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